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Do not be fooled, some companies will charge for full inspections, but do not carry out the necessary steps to ensure your system is up to standards.A proper real estate site inspection includes:

  • Exposing lid of septic tanks

  • Pumping septic tanks to expose tank interior

  • Inspect tank for cracks and structural integrity

  • Look for indication of high water levels

  • Checking distribution box (a) or pump chamber (b)

  • a) Camera the line from the distribution box, looking for blockage and integrity of the line. Distribution box is located and oncovered and inspected.

  • b) Pump chamber inspection and run up to ensure pump is running propely and that all electrical lines are secure and intact

  • Visual walk over of the septic field area inspecting for saturation (breakout)

  • Recommendations for required servicing or sign-off of the existing system